Long Prairie, MN

Project Type:
Substation Development
Completion Date
Project Scope
Replacement of three 115/34.5kV transformers with two 115/34.5kV transformers, and the replacement of various 115kV switches, circuit breakers, and bus work. Installation of new Electrical Equipment Enclosure (EEE) including relaying panels and termination cabinets. Cable trench was installed throughout the substation, leading back to the termination cabinet entrances of the new EEE. Constructed new box structure for the 34.5kV breakers and associated feeder positions. All existing feeders were cut over to this new structure, with the addition of new Feeder. A tie breaker was installed on Bus No.1. The transformers in the 115kV Box Structure had new bus work connecting to breakers in the new box structure. (2) new 167kV Single Phase Station Service Transformers were installed on the new 34.5kV Bus. The replacement of the old substation equipment, demolition of the existing 34.5kV box structure, and the existing EEE were completed in stages between 2022 and. Temporary connections, wiring, relaying, and equipment was necessary to keep customers served while construction took place. Civil works including regrading, soil correction, and new fencing were completed in conjunction with each phase of the project.